The only virtual event that replicates the one-to-one interactions brands rely on to showcase their products to the press.

Easy Navigation. Rich Features. Robust Analytics.

With the click of a mouse on your logo, Techfluence attendees go from the show floor to your booth where they can download your press materials, view live demos, watch videos, ask questions via video chat or group chat, send emails, request products to review, and more!

The Techfluence platform records of all the activity, including the contact info of everyone who visits your booth, so your post-event follow-ups are more detailed and more effective than ever before. Try that with a stack of business cards.

Praise for Techfluence

Techfluence exceeded our expectations in every way. Press attendance was excellent and their outreach to YouTubers added a unique and valuable element to the audience. They did a terrific job making sure we understood how to use the platform and provided detailed analytics about what attendees did at our booth afterward.

Grace Qaqundah, Vice President, Global Marketing for THX Ltd. (Exhibitor)

It was the first of these virtualized things where I felt like it approximated the feel of a trade show. I was able to pop-in on a “group”, listen to the existing pitch in progress, then circle back to the beginning… I was able to say hello to old friends, make some new ones. It really was *personal*, and that was fantastic.

David Hamilton, Mac Observer (Attendee)

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Key Benefits of the Techfluence Platform

Enhanced Engagement

Our virtual booths offer exhibitors multiple touchpoints with attendees and video chat sessions last longer, on average, than the typical conversation at a live event.


Our platform automatically captures the contact info of everyone who visits your booth and records the actions they take. With the data we provide, your follow-ups will be easier and more effective than after a live event.


Schedule product announcements, presentations, panels, and more in your booth and we’ll promote it to our attendees so they know when to stop by.

Global Reach

You’ll meet with press and influencers from around the world at Techfluence, and your senior executives can participate without having to spend time away from the office.


We’ll help you schedule appointments with top tech YouTubers who are live streaming interviews with exhibitors to their channels.

Less Cost, Less Hassle

No travel. No hotels. No shipping. No setup. No teardown. No physical booth at all. We even configure your virtual booth for you and test it with you before the event.

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