About Us

At the outset of the pandemic, getgeeked Media Founder, Barry Myers, reached out to Alfred Poor, a distinguished freelance technology journalist, to discuss the current state of virtual events. 

Barry had been creating events where technology brands could engage all the audiences that are critical to their success – press, influencers, and enthusiasts – for over 15 years. 

Alfred, meanwhile, had been attending technology events for even longer and brought to the conversation an important perspective about the objectives of attendees at these types of events. 

They quickly realized that linear, programming-centric virtual events — ones that require attendees to log in at a specific time to attend a presentation — were a poor replacement for the interactions that brands and journalists rely on from live events.

With their complementary professional experience guiding them, they designed Techfluence to replicate the non-linear, “high-touch,” person-to-person interactions of a live event.

Barry Myers

getgeeked Media Founder Barry Myers has been helping consumer tech brands engage all the audiences that are critical to their success for over 15 years.

In 2002, after five years working as a regulatory attorney in the technology sector, Barry was invited to design the first-ever consumer-facing conference program for Comdex, one of the world’s biggest technology events.

At Comdex, Barry was recruited by a team of experiential marketing professionals to help create DigitalLife, the first major technology expo to incorporate influencers and enthusiasts as attendees. 

Prior to its launch in 2004, DigitalLife was acquired by Ziff Davis Media where Barry served as the Event Director until 2008.

During his time as Event Director, DigitalLife grew from 116 exhibitors and just under 20,000 attendees in 2004 to over 250 exhibitors and over 60,000 attendees in 2008, its final year. 

Following the cancellation of DigitalLife, Barry joined gdgt.com, a startup social network for tech enthusiasts founded by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, the former co-founders of Engadget. At gdgt.com, Barry created gdgt Live, a product showcase roadshow where brands could connect with tech enthusiasts that drove awareness and membership for the social network leading to its acquisition by AOL in 2012. 

At AOL, Barry was in charge of the Engadget-branded event program, overseeing the transition of gdgt Live to Engadget Live and running the multi-day Engadget Expand event.

Barry left AOL in 2014 to found getgeeked Media with a mission to reinvent the traditional tech industry media event by incorporating influencers and enthusiasts into the attendee community. getgeeked Media’s highly successful getgeeked New York and getgeeked San Francisco events were also among the very first to help companies leverage the potential of face-to-face events as an engine for generating content that could be shared long after the event. 

In 2019, getgeeked Media launched Techfluence, a unique influence marketing service designed specifically to help consumer tech brands engage YouTubers to create viral video content about their products. 

More recently, getgeeked Media launched its first virtual event under the Techfluence brand. Unlike the linear, programming-based virtual events, the Techfluence Virtual Media Event was designed to simulate the high-touch, facec-to-face interactions that marketers rely on at live events to showcase their products.