Event Overview

Before launching our virtual event program, we spoke to dozens of PR professionals, product marketers, and journalists to understand what they were looking for in a virtual media event.

They told us that media events are different. Media events are product showcases. They’re not driven by programming or networking. Attendees are there to collect information and ask questions and exhibitors are there to share information and answer questions.

They also told us that “one-to-many” webinars and other virtual events built around presentations scheduled at a specific time with limited time for Q&A  were not helping them achieve these objectives.

Our mission was twofold. First, we wanted to design a platform that simulated a live event by offering attendees a variety of ways to collect information and engage with exhibitors. Second, we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the technology to create value that’s not available at live events.


The Techfluence Platform

 There are many different types of attendees. Some cover specific product categories while others cover a variety of consumer technologies. Some prefer to collect information quickly and follow up with exhibitors later while others prefer to engage more deeply and learn as much as they can at the event itself.

The Techfluence platform caters to all of them.

Before entering an exhibitor’s virtual booth, attendees can read a company description and sort exhibitors by category so their time isn’t wasted visiting companies they’re not interested in. At each booth, they can download press materials, watch product videos, and even fill out a dedicated form to request a review unit.

If they have questions, they can enter a video chat, use group chat, send an email within the booth, or access company contacts to reach out to a specific person.

Exhibitors can select the functions they want to offer. They can also use individual functions multiple times. This is especially important If a company is showcasing multiple products. For example, they can have separate press folders, video chat rooms, and other functions for each product.

The ability to have multiple video chat rooms also allows exhibitors to keep one open for everyone who visits their booth and another for private one-to-one meetings with key contacts.

Other virtual media event platforms are built around the number of videos a company can make available, but at Techfluence, exhibitors can have a video playing in the one-way video feed in their booth, feature additional videos as a core function of their booth, and include links to even more videos in their press folder.

The booth’s one-way video feed can also be used by someone to greet attendees, show slides, screen share, and even conduct product demos.

Click here to learn how our platform works and click here for more details about the capabilities of our virtual booths. To see a gallery of past virtual booths, click here.


The Format

 In addition to our “flagship” events (CES, Back-to-School, Holidays) which feature products and services across consumer technology categories, this year we are introducing the Techfluence Summit Series, a series of events focusing on specific consumer technology verticals such as Health & Fitness Tech, Smart Home, Gaming, etc.

To view our full 2021 schedule of events, click here.

All Techfluence events have the following format.

12:00 PM EST – 2:00 PM EST: Conference Program

2:00 PM EST – 5:00 PM EST: Expo Hall open to Attendees

The Techfluence Expo Hall is not open during the conference program.

If you’re interested in speaking at a Techfluence event, click here.


Post-Event Analytics

 From the outset, we felt that being able to tell exhibitors what attendees did at their booths after the event was the most important way a virtual event could provide value that a live event could not.

The data captured by our platform is another way Techfluence sets itself apart from the competition.

After every Techfluence event, all exhibitors, regardless of level, receive a list of everyone who accessed their booth, including contact information, and a list of everyone who filled out a Product Review Request Form with their shipping address.

Platinum-level exhibitors receive our full analytics report, including specific details on the actions each attendee took in your booth. Did they download your press release? Which one? Did they watch a video? Join the video chat? The full analytics report also includes a complete log of the group chat from your booth.

The full analytics report is also available a la carte to Gold level exhibitors.


Event Prep

 By necessity, the transition to virtual events happened very quickly. We’re all still learning. One thing we know, however, is all the technology in the world isn’t worth much if you don’t know how to use it.

When a company signs up for Techfluence, we provide a list of what we need to configure their virtual booth and we do it for them. When it’s ready, we schedule a rehearsal to make sure they understand how everything works. On the morning of the event, we schedule another meeting to make sure everything in their booth is set up correctly and they’re ready to go.


The Techfluence Audience

 When it comes to the Techfluence audience, making sure the media show up is priority number one. At our second event, we had 361 attendees, which was more than double our first event.

However, we know that companies today also want to engage with influencers, content creators, and specialty bloggers so we invite them too.

The combined subscriber reach of the YouTubers who attendees our CES Preview Event was over 27 million. Four YouTubers with over a million subscribers each attended the event and 22 YouTubers with more than 100,000 subscribers each also attended.

In 2021, we’re adding Blogger Happy Hour from 5 PM to 6 PM. During the Blogger Happy Hour, exhibitors will meet with the country’s top lifestyle and mommy bloggers.

For each of our Techfluence Summits, we’ll be conducting extensive research to identify the leading specialty blogs covering that Summit’s category to ensure they’re invited to attend.

All Techfluence exhibitors are provided the pre-registration list, including contact information, before and after the event so they can get a headstart on engaging attendees and scheduling meetings.

To see a list of past Techfluence attendees, click here.


Custom Events

 We realize our schedule isn’t always going to line up with yours. We also understand that your new product launch may be too important to share the stage. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the powerful platform we built. The Techfluence platform and our expertise are available for company-specific events such as product launches, webinars, and conferences.

We can design it, build it, even promote it if you need us too and it will cost you thousands of dollars less than renting a platform for a one-off event and starting from scratch.

If you want to learn more about our Custom Event program, click here to schedule a call with us.