Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I’ve never heard of Techfluence. Why should I consider this event?

A: Techfluence was created by Barry Myers, the founder of getgeeked Media. Barry has had a hand in creating some of the most successful tech product showcases over the last 15 years, including DigitalLife, gdgt Live, getgeeked New York and getgeeked San Francisco, CE Week, and the Last Gadget Standing competition at CES. Together with his partner, longtime technology journalist, Alfred Poor, he’s designed a virtual event platform that offers tech brands more ways to showcase their products, more ways to interact with attendees, and more ways to collect data that can be used after the event than Pepcom or CES.  Learn more about the team here.

Q: Is the CES Preview the first Techfluence event?

A: The CES Preview Event is the second Techfluence virtual event. The first one in September was a huge success, with 17 brands exhibiting and 177 participating journalists. Click here for a detailed recap of that event, including key metrics and testimonials from exhibitors and attendees.

Q: Is this just a webinar?

A: No, Techfluence is a fully interactive experience. Attendees can log in at any time between 2 PM and 5 PM ET, visit booths in any order they want, and spend as much time as they want in each booth.  They can download press materials, watch product videos, fill out a form to request review units, and interact with exhibitors via video chat, text chat, or email. The video chat is a fully live Zoom meeting where companies can demo their products, answer questions, truly connect with attendees. Exhibitors at the September event said their video chat sessions lasted far longer than the face-to-face interactions they typically have at live events.

Q: How many people will we need?

A: For the best experience, we recommend having at least two people staff your booth. One person (or more) should be monitoring the booth itself, responding to text chats, etc. and one person (or more) should be available in your video chat room at all times. For attendees, video chat sessions open in a separate tab of their browser. We will show you exactly how it all works during your booth walkthrough.

Q: What if multiple journalists want to talk at the same time?

A: When an attendee accesses the video chat room in your booth, he or she will join whoever is already there speaking with you. It operates just like any other Zoom meeting except people will be coming and going just like they would at your display table at a live media event. However, unlike Pepcom, Techfluence virtual booths can be configured with multiple video chat sessions which can be used for different products and/or can be password protected for private meetings with key media contacts.

Q: Do the media schedule appointments?

A: Not as a general rule, however, you will be provided the press list before the event and you are welcome to reach out and schedule meetings if you like. If you want these meetings to be private, however, you will either need to lock other attendees out from your primary video chat session during the meeting, which we don’t recommend, or use a second video chat session for private meetings. Both options are available.

Q: So, we just wait for attendees to access our booth?

A: Yes. However, you can also schedule programming in your booth (product unveilings, CEO Q&As, panels, celebrity appearances, etc.) in your booth and we will make sure attendees know when these are taking place. Below is the “Booth Timeline” for one of the exhibitors at our September who did not schedule any programming. As you can see, they had 10+ attendees in their booth for most of the event.

Q: What type of analytics do we get after the event?

A: The ability of our platform to collect and deliver data that can be used after the event is one of the major differentiators between Techfluence and virtual media events from Pepcom, ShowStoppers, and others. We didn’t just want to simulate a live event. We also wanted to design a platform that delivered value in ways a live event couldn’t.  All Techfluence exhibitors receive a list of everyone who accessed their booth with their contact information. Platinum exhibitors receive a full Booth Analytics Report detailing the actions attendees took while they were in your booth. Did they download a press release? Watch a video? Access the video chat or participate in the text chat? Request a product to review? Your post-event follow-ups will never be the same!

Q: How is this different from the official digital CES event?

A: The official digital CES event is not really interactive in any meaningful way. Journalists can only visit booths to grab press kits and schedule meetings for later.

Q: How is this different from Pepcom’s virtual event?

A: Well, let’s start with the fact that it’s a lot less expensive. Our platform also offers deeper engagement with attendees and our booths are more customizable, which is critical if you want to showcase multiple products. We provide booth walkthroughs before the event and detailed analytics after the event. We have speaking opportunities, a short conference program, and a press lounge! You’ll also see top tech YouTubers at Techfluence. Should I go on?

Q: Can I speak at Techfluence?

A: Yes. We have a few speaking slots available. Write to us if you’re interested!

Q: Is set up complicated?

A: Not at all. For one thing, we do it for you and then show you how everything works before the event. All you have to do is upload certain assets (logos, press materials, product videos, etc.) to a shared folder and fill out our Exhibitor Information Form.

Q: How do I know if Techfluence is a good fit for us?

A: If you want to get your products covered by tech and lifestyle media outlets, and if you think getting to know top tech YouTubers from around the world is a good idea, then you need to be at Techfluence.

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