How the Techfluence

Platform Works

Below you will find an explanation of how the three elements of the Techfluence virtual event platform work together seamlessly to offer brands and attendees an amazing experience at our events.

At the bottom of the page, you can learn more about the robust analytics captured by our platform and delivered to our exhibitors after each event regarding the actions attendees take in exhibitors’ booths.

After you select your Exhibitor Package and send us the necessary assets, we will configure your booth for you and will schedule a rehearsal so that you’re ready to go on the day of the event.

1. The Show Floor

Learning about exhibitors and accessing their booths is easy at Techfluence!

Approved attendees receive a link that takes them directly to the Techfluence show floor. From here, they simply click on your logo to enter your booth. Attendees can also access your company descriptions using the drop-down window below your logo and they can sort all the exhibitors by category using the pull-down menu to the left of “All Exhibitors.” 

2. Branded Virtual Booths

Techfluence virtual booths offer brands more ways to engage attendees, share and collect information, and showcase their products than the competition!

Of course, the real action takes place when attendees access your virtual booth. The actions available to them are represented by the icons at the bottom of the screen. To activate an icon, the attendee simply clicks on it. The main video module in your booth is a one-way video feed that can be used to greet attendees, demo products, play videos, and screen share PowerPoint slides or webpages. The Video Chat function will open a separate tab for real-time, face-to-face interactions with attendees . For a detailed explanation of all the actions available in your booth, visit the Booth Capabilities page.

3. Presentation Manager

The Presentation Manager is the control and command center where exhibitors monitor their booth during the event! 

The Presentation Manager is the backend control and command center where Techfluence exhibitors “staff” their booth during the event. From here you can respond to text chats and emails from attendees and control the different functions of the one-way video feed in your booth. Multiple people can log into the Presentation Manager at the same time and chat privately with each other during the event. 

4. Post-Event Analytics

Our platform’s ability to capture information about the actions attendees take in our virtual booths and deliver it to exhibitors after the event sets Techfluence apart from the competition!

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After the event, every exhibitor receives a report that includes the list of the attendees who visited their booth with their email addresses and information collected from their Product Review Request Form. Platinum exhibitors receive our full Post-event Analytics Report detailing the actions each attendee took in their booth, including whether they downloaded any of your press materials, participated in a video chat, accessed your company contacts module, clicked on an external link, and more. The Post-event Analytics Report also includes a complete log of the group text chats that took place in your booth. With our analytics, your post-event follow-ups will be far easier and more effective than after a live event.