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Influencer marketing has proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool for the fashion, beauty, food, and travel industries where a single image can tell a story that creates interest, awareness, and, ultimately, sales.

But technology products are different. A shiny new device may look good in a photo, but consumers need to know how to set it up, how to use it, and, most of all, whether or not it does what it’s supposed to do!

Techfluence YouTube Campaigns are designed exclusively for consumer tech products.

Each campaign begins with an “Alert” being sent to our database of over 600 tech YouTubers. The Alert includes information about the product and sets out the parameters of the campaign to make it easy for YouTubers to decide if they want to respond.

Our process eliminates the need to research YouTubers in advance. Instead, the YouTubers that respond are, by definition, interested in your product and able to meet the requirements of the campaign.

YouTubers that respond are presented to you with their channel’s key metrics, they type of video proposed, information about compensation, if requested, and our recommendations based on product-channel fit, campaign budget, and other factors

Before any products are shipped, we’ll address all the moving parts with each YouTuber you’ve selected, including usage rights, compensation, disclosure, affiliate marketing, and giveaways. This ensures your campaign runs as smoothly as possible.

From the time YouTubers receive your product until their videos are posted, we are in regular contact with them, monitoring their progress, answering thier questions, and, if necessary, connecting them with you to resolve any technical issues they’re having.

Once the videos are live, you’ll be able to check their performance in real-time in your Campaign Tracker. You’ll also receive weekly email reports every Friday. We’ll even track each YouTubers’ social media promotion of their videos, making it easy for you to reshare them with your followers.

We’ll also help you devise a strategy for repurposing the content created across your website, blog, newsletter, and social media feeds. The opportunity to repurpose the content created for your campaign is one of the biggest benefits of working with YouTubers. 

After the last video has been live for approximately four weeks, we’ll present a final report comparing the performance of the videos produced with each channels’ averages across a variety of publically-available KPIs. The report will also include analytics provided by participating YouTubers that are not publically-available. 

Top Tech YouTubers explain why they love working on Techfluence campaigns. 

Kevin Breeze

Dave Taylor

Ed Ricker

To hear more great YouTubers explain why they love working with us, visit the Techfluence YouTube channel.


Techfluence has developed a truly comprehensive service that makes it easy for brands of all sizes to work with influential YouTubers. They did a remarkable job balancing our objectives with the objectives of the YouTubers we worked with so that everybody felt like they were benefiting from being involved. It’s clear that they have put in the time to develop a deep understanding of what it takes for brands to create mutually beneficial relationships with YouTubers.

Sylvain Lambert, Chief Branding Officer & Co-founder, Kwilt

EZVIZ has been extremely happy with the results of the campaigns we’ve run with Techfluence. The process they have developed is an effective and affordable A-to-Z solution for tech brands looking to engage with YouTubers to have viral video content created about their products. From helping us identify the best creators for our products to managing the relationships with the YouTubers we selected, to tracking the results and offering suggestions for repurposing the content, the Techfluence team guided us through the process every step of the way. We will definitely use their service again.

Sophie Zhang, Marketing Director, EZVIZ, Inc.

Techfluence is a terrific service for tech brands looking to work with YouTube tech influencers. FlashForge USA loves the ability to see which YouTubers are interested in working with us and what the associated costs are before deciding which ones to include in our campaigns. The result is an extremely flexible service that any brand can take advantage of regardless of their budget.

Johnny Lam, Chief Operating Officer, FlashForge USA


Our unique “Stack 5” pricing model allows brands of all sizes and budgets to work with YouTubers to create viral video content about their products.

The model is based on a fee of $0.01 per subscriber. However, for each group of five YouTubers that you select, our fee is capped at $2,500 when the combined subscriber count of the YouTubers selected reaches 250,000. 

Consider the following examples.

1. You select a YouTuber with 750,000 subscribers. You have exceeded the fee cap threshold with one YouTuber. Our fee is capped at $2,500 and you can now add four more YouTubers without our fee increasing. If you decide to select more than five YouTubers in your campaign, the count begins again with the sixth YouTuber selected.

2. You select three YouTubers with 75,000 subscribers each for a total of 225,000. You have not met the 250,000 combined subscriber threshold for applying the fee cap so our fee is 225,000 x $0.01 or $2,250. 

3. You select five YouTubers with a combined 1,000,000 subscribers. You have met the threshold and our fee for these five is capped at $2,500. You decide to add a sixth YouTuber with 50,000 subscribers. The fee for this YouTuber is $500 (50,000 x $0.01), bringing the total campaign fee to $3,000.


YouTuber Compensation: Please note our fees DO NOT include compensation you elect to pay individual YouTubers.  Prior to selecting YouTubers for your campaign, you will know if they are requesting compensation and you will be able to consider this alongside other factors when making your selections. 

Campaign Setup Fee: If you elect not to execute a campaign after evaluating the responses to your Campaign Alert, there is a $500 Campaign Set Up Fee. The fee is meant to cover the work involved in drafting and sending a Campaign Alert, corresponding with content creators that respond, updating the channel metrics for each YouTuber that responds, and organizing and presenting the responses for you to evaluate.

Additional Fees: Additional fees will apply for post-campaign video editing and/or design and execution of paid social media campaigns.

Payment Terms: Due to the duration of the average campaign, clients will be invoiced for 50% of the projected campaign fee after YouTubers have been selected and confirmed. The remaining 50% with any necessary adjustments will be invoiced after the final campaign video has been posted. Payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date.


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