Produces Results!

Key Metrics

Participating Brands: 17

Attendees: 177

Average # of Visitors per Booth: 96 (54%)

Percent of Exhibitors Satisfied with ROI: 100%

Percent of Attendees Planning on Covering Something They Saw: 88%

Percent of Attendees Likely or Extremely Likely to attend the next event: 96%

Percent of Attendees Likely or Extremely Likely to Recommend Techfluence: 96%

Percent of attendees that took the following actions:

Viewed a Product Video: 95%

Downloaded Press Materials: 86%

Number of press releases and documents downloaded: 1,365

Number of individual attendees in video chats (total across all booths): 265

Number of emails sent by attendees within booths: 242

 Exhibitor Testimonials


Techfluence was great. Our virtual booth was packed from start to finish. We were able to engage with attendees in a very personal way via the group chat and video chat features. The other tools they provided allowed us to automatically collect information about the attendees that visited our booth—this actually made our follow up process more efficient and effective than after a live event.

Stacy Lee, Public Relations and Events Manager, 1MORE USA

Not only did Techfluence allow us to connect with the lots of key press in a way that resembled a live media event, but the data they delivered after the event shows that they have given a lot of thought to how a virtual event can actually deliver more value than a live event in some ways.

Malea Lamb-Hall, Public Relations Specialist, Avast

As virtual events go, Techfluence was easily the closest thing to a live event we’ve seen so far. We were able to share information about our products with lots of key contacts and the conversations we had with attendees via the video chat were often longer and more meaningful than the ones we have at live events.

Michael Honeycutt, Director of Marketing, AVITA

Techfluence exceeded our expectations in every way. Press attendance was excellent and their outreach to YouTubers added a unique and valuable element to the audience.They did a terrific job making sure we understood how to use the platform before the event and not only provided detailed analytics about what attendees did at our booth afterward, but even took the time to make sure we understood the information.

Grace Qaqundah, Vice President, Global Marketing, THX Ltd.

Techfluence did a great job bringing the feeling of a live press event to a virtual environment. I was impressed by the quantity and quality of press that attended. The journalists were highly engaged and every single one that I chatted with requested a review unit. I did 17 interviews in 3 hours. We have lined up some fantastic coverage as a result of this event.

Ryan Pamplin, Co-Founder & CEO, BlendJet

Techfluence’s first event was a big success. We were busy showcasing Lumicharge to key members of the press and tech influencer community for the entire three hours. They did an excellent job making sure we understood how our booth works, and after the event, they took the time to make sure we understood all the data the platform collected about the attendees who came to our booth.

Balaji Raghunathan, Vice President, Marketing, LumiCharge


The event went very smooth, and allowed us to engage with a lot of press–even some we usually wouldn’t due to being in different regions. Keep up the good work! Definitely see this platform as leading the virtual event space.

Samantha Lin, Global Marketing Manager, j5create

 Attendee Testimonials


This was frickin’ fabulous. Saved a ton of time, got me in touch with just the right folks for my projects. Beats the heck out of an in-person conference in terms of productivity value for the time and expense.

David Gewirtz, CBS Distinguished Lecturer, ZDNet/CNET

Techfluence’s event made me feel up close and personal to the brands and exhibitors I visited. Bravo!

Robin Raskin, Techonomy

It was the first of these virtualized things where I felt like it approximated the feel of a trade show. I was able to pop-in on a “group”, listen to the existing pitch in progress, then circle back to the beginning… I was able to say hello to old friends, make some new ones. It really was *personal*, and that was fantastic.

Dave Hamilton, The Mac Observer

Let me say, you guys did an AMAZING job on the event!!! No issues, very well organized, great brands exhibiting and all so welcoming. I’ve made some connections I would never have done so without the Virtual event. Fantastic job guys, well done, cannot wait for the next one!

Lee James, Lee TV (YouTuber)

I was able to choose the companies that I wanted to visit, spend as much or as little time as I wanted in their booths, make new connections via video chat or group chat, and learn about cool new products. I was also really impressed by how Techfluence appproached and engaged the creator community to get them to attend the event.

Nick Bunyun, (YouTuber)

A virtual press event and tradeshow for a brave new world, Techfluence did a great job simulating the experience of a live event. I was able to move from booth to booth at my own pace, collect info on new products from a variety of companies, connect with company representatives via video chat or group chat, see product demos in real-time, and establish new relationships in the consumer electronics space. I’ll be back!

Dave Taylor, (YouTuber)